Steel, Thy Hart

Steel, Thy Hart

Compiled for your bardic learning, see below for lyrics to all original compositions from the yet to be recorded collection 'Steel, Thy Hart'. To re-record for commercial use, please engage Ken and Lisa Theriot via  

I Add My Shield to the Wall | Back to Top

I Add My Shield to the Wall - Song Lyrics

Stand My Side | Back to Top

Note: The above clip is for melody, as some words have changed since recording - look for final recording post CD release.

My blade is sharp as yours, my heart as true
My shield as needed when war I nigh
I too believe all we fight for is just
I am as ready as you to die
I have shed blood sweat and tears for our cause
Many know peace for my sacrifice
I'll set myself twixt our folk and our foe
And thus shall I save others such a price 

So stand my side
Ne'er shall this warrior's heart be denied!
Shoulder to shoulder we enter the fray
And we are all soldiers this day

I’m not the strongest or swiftest we boast
My deeds of valor are but a few
Unsung my glories of victories past
But I face courage and fear as you 
(For) I am no mighty duke, I am no king
I am no well tested noble knight
Yet if I fall, I shall fall blade in hand
Naught will deny me that worthy right 


And unto all of my sisters in arms
Mind not the few who might bar the way
Don well your armor and stand proud and tall
Rise up beside me and boldly say

Chorus, Repeated twice, then:
"So Brother, Make good or make way..."

Squire's Lament | Back to Top

Note: The above clip is for melody, as some words have changed since recording - look for final recording post CD release.

V1: I would someday be a knight,
Let me tell you why
14,000 rivets done,
40 more to pry!

Oh, my hands are cramped, My fingers sore
Though I've yet touched a blade
But as my goodly knight assures
For such were squires made

Service is the soul of man,
So my knight doth say
That's why I'm posting every bloody
Tent on the field today

Household bears a heavy price,
(Ha!) one I get to pay
Cause your tables, chairs, and benches all,
I made last Saturday

(Now) Its all about aesthetics,
So hath our knight decreed
That's why I pack a trailer full-
Of crap we "really" need!

I'm a human pell it seems,
(Ow!) working on my guard
Bruising parts of me keep whisp'ing,
"Quit, and be a bard!" (Nah!)

I would be a knight one day,
but today my charms
Have won me the guile to-
Take a man-at-arms

Final Chorus:
Oh his hands are cramped and fingers sore
Though he's yet touched a blade (WAA!)
But as I'll thusly him assure,
"For such were men-at-arms made." (HA!)

Our hands are cramped and fingers sore
Though we've yet touched a blade
But as we're always so assured,
For such were minions made!


One More Day of War | Back to Top

If I lie here quietly and don’t move a bit
I can almost just pretend that I don’t feel like… poorly.  
“Dad don't make me go to school the other kids have spears...”
Oh, but then I hear...

“Waanh… Stop your whining, quit your crying, get your shield out here!”

My ankle rolled 3 days ago, the bridge near took my knee
My hand won’t fully grasp my blade, I’ve lashed the sword to me
My blisters all have blisters and I cannot roll my wrist
But never was more glory earned than in the fight you missed

Lord knows I have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war 

The moonlight bids me rest and yet the ale flows hale and good
The next day on the battle field my legs feel made of wood
And though there are so many foe with keener blades, they say
It’s not one of those bastards I’ll let strike my helm this day (Kill me know-)

Lord knows I have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war 

The salt and brine run down my brow, my helm a misery
My hands steel cased in gauntlets cannot wipe this grief from me
I watch a breeze I cannot feel but mock my melting brain
“By God, I’ll pay the price of rust if he’d but send me rain!” 

Lord knows I have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war 

The battle rages on and on; I breath more dust than air
I raise my eyes and pray I’ll spy, the ones who water bear
And yet I know that if I drink, I so invite my bane
For going to the john in armor’s such a bloody pain

Lord knows I have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war 

My sister has a broken foot, yet she’s fighting still
My brother has 2/3rds a lung, yet he crests the hill
A duct-taped warrior takes the field, ardent in his quest
How can I ask they bear my share of battle while I rest? 

Lord knows I have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war

 (For) the dawn comes far too early, or too wet, or hot, or cold
But tis no balm but glory for the soul who would be bold
So as you gaze into the void and dream of rest, resist
For never was a day as grand… as the day you missed 

And Lord knows we have seen better days, like every day before
But I’d not trade a day of rest for one less day of war
And when I lay my weary head, I only dream of More!

The Oath | Back to Top

Note: The clip is for melody only, it has changed since last recorded. See CD for Final Mixdown. 


We’ve spoken of honor, of skill, and of service
The trust we have built here is only a start
I let fall the trappings of fear and of failure
For now come what may, I shall follow my heart 
I kneel here in faith and am humbled before you
My hands in the hands of my mentor and guide
I begged you the boon for to enter your service,
And nobly you granted me kinship with pride
I offer this promise and pray I prove worthy-
I’ll follow your edict in all that is just
Your cause is my calling, your mission my duty
In word and in deed I shall honor this trust


I hear now your oath for to enter my service
To stand as my vassal, to swear fealty
I honor your vow for your words are well chosen
As we are both bound by our fierce loyalty
Let all here bear witness, and mark well this warning
A harm unto to you is a harm unto to me
Yet I say to those who would offer you kindness
That I would take such as a great courtesy
And know ye your kin, they who stand now before you
But ask for their aid and none here shall refuse
For stronger we are when we all band together
Now stand and be part of the fam’ly we choose­


For this, is the fam'ly we choose...

One Knight's Journey - the Tale of Sir William Thomas | Back to Top

Note: The clip is for melody only, it has changed since last recorded. See CD for Final Mixdown.


“Scimus autem quoniam diligentibus
Deum omnia cooperantur
in bonum his qui secundum propositum
vocati sunt sancti”

My arm was my worth brazen boldness my sire
My heart sworn to wealth and to carnal desire
I measured a man by his steel and naught more
I thought that a soul was best tested in war
But then came the cries how Jerusalem fell
How Saracen foe, so like demons from hell,
Had taken the city on God’s holy ground
And Christians imprisoned lay captive and bound 

Our king cried, “This sacrilege had we allowed!”
My arrogance bent in contrition, I vowed
I’d take up the cross and defend Christian creed
In servitude sworn not to glory nor greed
My children I left in the care of Alain
To Mountain’s Keep would I return once again
From Aquitaine followed my King on the sea
To fight for the cross unto far Sicily 

We reached that far shore with no rest from the tide
With Queen Jeanne imprisoned, her freedom denied,
In ransom the Lionheart vowed any fee
But naught would move Tancred act honorably
Messina revolted, a city in rage
Demanding we leave the fair Queen in her cage
Thus unleashed the fury of Richard, in siege,
And Sicily fell to the wrath of our liege 

With victory ours we were ordered e’er on
To loot and to burn those already withdrawn
As autumn leaves fell to the earth at my feet
So too spilled the blood of a Christian retreat
The weight in my heart shamed me full-sore again
Not thusly compelled by my God but by men
Of all I had pledged this transgression was mine
These dark deeds defiled our holy design 

To Sicily’s coast, we bid bitter farewell
We sailed unto Cyprus, escaping that hell
A storm on the ocean we could not avoid
Lo! Scattered our ships and our fleet was destroyed
We floated on wreckage and prayed hard at first
The ocean was torment, like drowning in thirst
As I kissed the sands upon Cyprus’ shore
It was not salvation cruel fate held in store 

The Emperor of Cyprus had each of us bound
In goods and in treasure he claimed all he found
And harsh were our captors, they Christian as I
I feared by such parallel fate would I die
In prayer did I meditate long on our lot
Remembered with each new cruel day ­all we wrought
My road it was just! But so sinfully laid
As Christian bled Christian upon this crusade 

No hunger or torment could well rouse my ire
My bloody hands merited hell’s lasting fire
I prayed in the darkest of hours I’d known
“O merciful God let this poor soul atone!”


A mem’ry, a mercy, a whispered relief
A scripture my broken heart held in belief
Sang Paul to the Romans, “God’s purpose tread
But love well thy Lord and salvation is bred”
My cell opened wide to the Summer-bright skies
A soldier in crimson and gold bid me rise
I vowed I was able and took up his hand
And next to the Lion and God came to stand 

Some forty leagues shy of Jerusalem’s soil
Came news of Prince John and of England’s turmoil
Thus hastily treatied by Saladin’s hand
Our Richard returned e’er I saw holy land
I stand now a knight and consider these deeds
I know now the path unbound righteousness leads
The price of one’s passions in penance is paid
If glory, not God, guide a holy crusade 


“Scimus autem quoniam diligentibus
Deum omnia cooperantur
in bonum his qui secundum propositum
vocati sunt sancti”


[Modern Translation (not actual, older passage has pre translated text that changes meaning slightly): And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.]

Allie's Call | Back to Top

For it is with honor that I serve my Liege and ride at King’s command
I have sworn the strength of arm that bears my sword within this willing hand
I have sworn the heart within my body, and the wit within my helm
E’en if it be my last I’d give my dying breath ~ to serve this realm

As the embers fade to shadows still you sit beside the fire
As you stare into the night I see your thoughts grow dark and dire
As the hour of dawn approaches on the morning we must ride
I can see your growing tension; you are young and still untried
And despite your resolution there’s a question in your eyes
I see you wonder why we leave our homes and risk so many lives

There are those who think that might makes right and lesser men must fall
When unchallenged, such a darkness grows in each and every hall
But the strongest man a stronger man will meet before his end
And this band of men are mighty with a homeland to defend
And so though a prideful blackguard seeks to seize a friendly throne
We hear the horn call due our valor’s oath, our ally’s cause our own

With the dawn we journey onwards for to face this distant foe
‘gainst the might of siege and shadow, bring the flash of blade and bow
Lo! our queen, aye, she is wiser, and our king he knows the cost
That an allie once abandoned is a friend forever lost
Know our enemy is hungry and the seeds of war are sown
We must fight and join together or their fate shall be our own

Raise the Colors - Dragons of the Sea | Back to Top


For the Dragons of the sea, they claim a hearty prize
Their gold is honor, and they know no compromise
Though the blood that flows within their veins is cold as ice
But meet their gaze and you'll see fire in their eyes!


Names of the Fallen | Back to Top


The Norns, they are heartless
as they weave the wicked weird of men
I ask so much of you,
but to risk your life time and again
You swore your oath in faith, to me
When spirits ran high,
And the mead it flowed freely
Yet now has come the time to see
If you would be bold,
Then you must go with me

Hear the halls ring, with the names of the fallen
Sing, ye skalds, sing! Let their mettle be known
Valhalla looks for its sons on this morning
Valkyries fly, for to carry you home...


The Clink of Chain | Back to Top


The Clink of Chain, the smell of leather
As we march on together
Throw your shoulders back and hold your head up high
Though your might, it has been tested
Do not march like you were bested
Proudly raise your banners and a "Vivat!" to the sky...

6 Feet Under | Back to Top


A hundred years from now, no one shall know my story
I'm not the kind of soul, who fights for fame or glory
No - I stand today because it's RIGHT to stand so!
I'll not betray a man, I have sworn to follow!
So as we hear the foemen's host, like thunder,
Tis they not I who will lie here, 6 feet under

I've worked the land and well the land has worked me
At my command I've but a bit of earth, the sight of sea
All that I've gained I share with kith and kindred...

A King's Conscience | Back to Top


Still I Dream of Winter | Back to Top


I knew the path was fraught with peril
Prayed you would not go
Feared that you might fall upon the field
I knew that I could never bear all
off the grief to come
Loathed to see you lain upon your shield

It is not within the heart
of one as bold as ye
to think one's might might fall unto a foe
That which led you on
unto your countless victories
Alas, my love, was that which laid me low

But still I dream of winter
Still I pray of Fall
Still I sing thy noble name
Unto these hallowed halls
Alone - within these walls

How could you think that I could bear
the taking of your life
Thy absense the damnation of my soul
For from the day that I was blessed
to take thee as my wife
Thou were't my better half to make me whole

You say it was 'my' pride that bid you
trust not in our fate
To think you thought that death might bar the way
You thought to spare me thus but
now tis not love I may sate
but vengence and my end will end this day

And still I dream of winter
Still i pray for fall
And Still I heed thy gentle song
Unto thy castle walls
Always, I heed thy call