Misc. Songs from the Hart

Compiled for your bardic learning, see below for lyrics and applicable chords for all original compositions this misc. collection of songs. To record for commercial use, please engage Ken and Lisa Theriot via www.Ravenboymusic.com

Follow Me Down | Back to Top

Follow Me Down


   Am                  G               F                   G
I know well the reason my heartache resumes
           C                   G                   C              Am
(For) I love not the season when primroses bloom
  Am                G                         F                    G
I know winter fades and you’ll leave me one day
        C                G                        C                   Am
Too dark is the springtime when you’ve gone away
Am    G    C      G     C F     Em
Light the path and follow me-

                  Am       G    Am     G     Am
CH (Both): Down, hey down, hey down


Such sorrow is mine for I know all too well
Our parting is much of what shadows your hell
I can’t shun the sunlight or those whom I serve
Though truly in love there’s much more you deserve
Still I find I follow you- (CH)


I wonder had I known what destiny planned
Would I have the courage to take up your hand
Mayhap it is true love can lessen one’s pain
(But) I know only grief when you will not remain
Come, my heart, and follow me- (CH)


Although fate has given us much cause to grieve
For autumn’s embrace we endure winter’s eve
Remember our laughter and banish your fears
Far greater our joy than these transient tears
I will always follow you- (CH)


Forgive me, my Love, all my worrisome ways
I cherish your comfort and each of our days


My Love, my sweet winter, take heart for I vow
I followed you then and I’ll follow you now
Hand in hand we share this path- (CH)

Constancy  | Back to Top

The iron parapet confines the raging lion’s wrath
The wiser lion stands his watch and guards a greater path
The coin that bears the mint of both upon its golden field
Must fight to find its balance in a dream he cannot yield 

But I can see the longing in a gaze turned to the road
So well I know its siren song, I long upon it strode
And soon with pack in hand the time will come to leave my side
To carve a better future I know onward he must ride 

Though sure the path before us with its constant winding way
It tests the faith when dreaming falls to whispered shades of gray
But should you fear you’ll lose your path as darkness seeks to rise
A guiding love as constant as the stars is in my eyes 

So many trials each man bests, lest he strive in vain
The urge to seek destruction for those lashing out in pain
The thought to smite a foe before his cause is understood
And all the sins we forge while fighting for the greater good 

A good man needs must answer unto duty, not his will
A better man learns both must serve the heart to best fulfill
The best of men unto their word are true in deed and mind
In all these will he tested be but he’s the lasting kind


Now some love all to easy and some never love at all
His laughter and his loyalty quick brought me to my fall
I tell the few who say that what I’ve offered is a whim
I am one in a thousand and I see the same in him. 

The months I know are fleeting though each day may seem a year
For all that I have learned of him I know I need not fear
Although his travels take him far to seek his destiny
I’ve faith his winding road will bring him swiftly home to me


Mighty Blackspear | Back to Top

Mighty Blackspear

Here comes mighty Blackspear
Anyone can tell
Here comes trouble marchin'
Marchin outta hell!

Armored up and ready
Beggin for a Brawl
Lest you want a Beatin'
Make way one and all
Hear our cadence proudly calling
Banners 'gainst the sun
"Never fear for Blackspear's hereTo
make the foemen run!"

Wish you were a prospect
Don't deny its true
Forged within the fire
Bleedin' Black and Blue!


Bess and all our ladies
Keener than the blade
Wit and needle handy
Even we're afraid!


Ignorance is blissful
Spec'ly for the foe
Sheky at our lead now
Welcome unto woe!


Of Blackspear | Back to Top

Filk - Sung to the tune of "If I were aBlackbird"

If I were of Blackspear, to prove well my mien,
I’d authorize firstly in sewing machine
For no glaive nor broadsword could spare me the blow
Of a sharpened sheared scathing from Bess’ XO

And if I were of Blackspear, and went off to war,
Shek’s holiest writ would I never ignore
Come land-grab and pack-out my duty, his wish,
Lest I find myself sleeping with the crayfish

And if I were of Blackspear, in fashion most fine,
For few other houses have their own garb line
I’d lounge in my “Coffee Robe” as morning broke
Then by dusk I would sing wrapped in my “Azrune Cloak”

If I were of Blackspear, I’d ne’er feel a chill,
Unless Andrew trusted the fire to Will,
For no true contender can match his acclaim
Hail Dwarf, Pyro master, the Marshall of flame!

If I were of Blackspear, I’d never be bored,
With Zig hazing prospects of their own accord
With Mags out with T-dog a-wenching all night
(And a) new tale from Shek of aggrandized delight

And if I were of Blackspear, I’d have one lament
For though Cian rarely goes to an event
He’ll beat me to Laurel, as boot unto helm,
(He’s) The prettiest pretty princess in the realm

Squire of Arnhalla | Back to Top

Oh it’s grand to be a squire in Arnhalla
Cause red and white and blue are just divine
Confederate or Superhero
I know that I’m not a zero
Because there are 15 of me and mine! 

Now Halk’s the senior squire of the household (Now a Knight!)
A Norseman versed in prose and history
But if your attitude is cloying
Or Bryndis says you’re annoying…
He’ll compose your heartfelt eulogy 

Now David of the Vale’s a pennant-holic
(To him) Bliss and banners are synonymous
First admitting you have problems
Is step 1 of how to solve them…
So he formed Liv’ry Anonymous

Now Edwin with his judo shots will Getch’ya
Don’t take my word step right up now and here
He says, “Its Math, just flex and strike.”
Not all of us bend gumby-like
What more would you ask of an engineer? 

A maiden knew Arnhalla stood for Chiv’ry
For Courtesy to ladies fair and kind
But One man did her virtue cost her
Ian said, “I’m just a foster…
What else did you think I had in mind?”

Now Fasti, Inn Hugprudi Davidsson, is Mighty!
Of all his grace’s squires, he’s most strong
But more than this he’s ubar smart
‘cause he won the loving heart…
Of the Awesome bard who wrote this song! 

Now Maldune he is most of all eh-Shiny
In plate he blinds his foemen on the field
Though when he walks he clank-clank-clanks
The ladies to his garb give thanks
It is his tight-tight-tights that make them yield!
(E-lo MaulDuUUUN!!)

Now dear Morre Takeo, he is trixy
And often known as most mischievous
But if he were to misbehave
Then, “Look out, here comes Forgal’s Glaive!!”
(takeo)“Did someone get the number of that bus?”

The few of you not begging for this song’s end
May out of simple courtesy inquire
Why I’ve not sung of every one
But Fie! You all know what you’ve done!...
And there are children still around the fire

(Now) I pray that one day I will become Chiv’ry
And stand beside Duke Gunnar as a Peer
But, Lo! Without the “Squire” Me
15 would then 14 be…
Don’t worry, he’ll take two at least next year!

For Castlemere | Back to Top   [Glory Awaits - Castlemere's Baronial Motto]

The leather of my boots are thin from travels wear
For I have journeyed far to make my way
To find what I have found within these gentle walls
The promise of tomorrow built on yesterday
For as a youth I dreamed of song and of the sword
I yearned to learn the crafts the masters knew
I prayed that I could serve and make my father proud
Here I'm blessed to see our youth grow as I grew

So Raise a glass to Castlemere
See her stones upon a white and emerald flag fly true
Raise a glass to Castlere
Here, glory waits for me and glory awaits you

My hand upon her noble stones, I walk her halls
Where peer to pessant, here all welcome roam
Her strong and sturdy keep is warm within her walls
And I will never know another I call home
At every turn I find a face I've come to love
And newer faces soon I'll hold as deer
Though one man in a thousand may be true if tried
So many thousanth men live here in Castlemere


A better man might let another tell her tale
Or let her name and actions stand alone
My pride won't be denied, I'll sing her praizes well
That all may love as I the land I call my own
For stone on stone each soul has worked to build this dream
With faith we'll strengthen all within her hall
So be you distant traveler or long known kin
Come take your ease and know you're welcome, one and all!


See the Lion Rise | Back to Top
Coming Soon
Melinoe | Back to Top

As "Bringer of the Darkness" she's known by mortal men
Or goddess of the springtime when blossoms bloom again
But it is not Persephone who burries you in snow
It is her mother's grief at parting - grief I've come to know...
So pity on Demeter as you stoke the waning fire
But pity not Persephone who heeded her desire

All hail Hades, All hail Persephone
All hail true love for it humbles all the earth
All hail Hades, All hail Persephone
All hail true love, pray you know what such is worth...

My father knew no finer Maid than fair Persephone
And though her kin deny the truth, she loved him willingly
So in his blazing chariot he brought his lover down       
He offered her what Zeus could not, a golden, burnished crown      
But Zeus, denied, was jealous and imposed a dual Fate  
Yet I am proof that love if true burns bright for those who wait                        

The golden court can whisper on of lust and Zeus’ guile
My power tastes of darkness and I have my father’s smile
Persephone, my mother, savored well the fruits below
And as the Queen of Darkness birthed a daughter, Melinoe
For by the River Styx she lay in passion’s heady mist
I am the proof that shadow and the light can coexist 

Oh, I was born unto a world as black as gleaming oil
A goddess of the dead but heedless of the mortal coil
My robes are sewn of wayward souls, my court of ghostly grace
And though as fair as moonlight no man living knows my face
And every time the Bringer of the Seasons doth depart
I stand as proof my father fairly won my mother’s heart (Refrain 2) 

Each year my mother leaves to bless the barren world above
I cannot bare the months apart nor bide without her love
Thus when you hear the howling of the hounds by moonlit hours
Know that I walk your mortal fields to seek my mother’s flowers
To all you lost and wayward souls: Come, Attend me well
I am the proof that love can light the deepest shades of hell!

Wings of a Blackbird | Back to Top
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Sorry the Day - Lord's Response | Back to Top

Constancy | Back to Top
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Nothing Shines Like Gold-o | Back to Top

Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum
Don’t stop drinking till it’s done
Prove you’re a rough, tough, son-of-a-gun
Yo-Ho-Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Take what you can give nothing back
Every creature dies-o
Win your wealth or win the wrack
But drink to yar cheatin lies-o 


A short life and a merry one
Make the Limey’s Irate-o
A handsome corpse when ya-dogs are done
Come live the life of a Pirate-o


What do ya do with a Sailor who
Shirks his work and chores-o
Make him dance to the Cat-0-Nine
Till his bleedin’ back is sore-o 


What do ya do when ol’ Davey Calls
Join him in his locker-No!
Sail like hell beyond the Squalls
And listen to him squawker-o 

Take what you can, Give nothing back
Just like the Pirates old-o
Though it cause a tear or two…
Nothin’ shines like Gold-o!

Written by Samantha & Michael Moore/Ambra Michelli & Forgal Kerstetter

King of this Realm | Back to Top

Look at this stuff, isn't it neat?
Wouldn't you think my armor’s complete?
Wouldn't you think I'm the Knight
The Knight who has everything?

Look at these scrolls, for valor so bold
How many title can one white belt hold?
Looking up at me, you'd think
Sure, he's knows everything

I've got gantlets and gorgets a-plenty
I've got chain mail and gold spurs galore
You want squires?
I've got twenty
But who cares? No big deal. I want more…

I wanna be who where the royals are
I want the key, want the key to the kingdom
Walkin' around with that
Oh so shiny crown!

Snapping your flats you don’t get to far
Raps are required for tourney combos
And pounding your foes in the
Say it chivalrously, screw it, Ground!

Up where they rule
Man their so cool!
Squire come quickly I’m staring to drool
Wish I could sit, just for a bit
There on the throne!!!

What would I give if I could live
In ___(Name your kingdom)___ Royal?
What would I pay to spend a day
Ruling this land?

Betcha on high, they cry,
“Oyez, Oyez!” while your talking

Such a charmer, blinged out armor
Born to command!

And ready to know what the royals know
Give my orders and get some action
Like, “Pour the wine! Screw the dance,
and Lets Go to WAR!!!”

Think what’s in store
Wouldn’t it bring
Everyone joy if I were the king?

Wish I could be
Grand royalty!
King of this… REALM