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Original Compositions:

For Her I Dare

Argent and Azure

Atlantian Steel

Who Serve the Soldiers

I Am Able


Songs Written by Other Artists:
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Captain! Oh, Captain!
- Heather Jones

Song of the Shield Wall
- Debra Doyle and Melissa Williamson (Malkin Grey and Peregrine Wyndrider)

Song of the Red War Boat
- Kipling

Peasant Knight
- Jonna Davidson (Rosalind Jahanne)

Hardrada's Bane
- Robert Faircloth (Hrothgar Thorgrimsson)

Belt and Chain
- William Ritchie (Morric Haast)

Folk o' the Plaid
- William Ritchie (Morric Haast)


Iron Hart

Compiled for your bardic learning, see below for lyrics and applicable chords for all orignial compositions from 'Iron Hart'. To re-record for commercial use, please engage Ken and Lisa Theriot via For full lyric breakdown, click here.  

For Her, I Dare | Back to Top

  Am                               D               Am

Hearken to me, there’s a tale I would tell you

     Am             G           Em             Am

Of love and of battle, of sorrow and grief

         Am                              D         Am

The deeds of a king, and the valor of comrades

       Am         G                 Em         Am

The favor of gods, and the fate of a thief.


 Am                   G                   D                Am

Felled were her guardsmen like rot wood in winter

  Am                G                Em                Am

Boot-trampled earth told of how well they fought

     Am                            D               Am

As each man lay lifeless I knelt and I swore

              Am         G              Em            Am

That the sacrifice given would not be for naught!

                  Am                                G               Am           

I heed not the warnings of rain and of thunder

    Am              G              Em                Am

I heed not the cries of my own panicked mare

    Am              G                      F         Am

I heed not the tides that would tear us asunder

 Am D      Am

For her, I dare!

Sunk in a tree was a silver-chased dagger
Carved in the fashion of far Barbary
Hung from its blade was the pirate’s demand
For a ransom in gold that our lady go free! 

I am the blade, but by her I am tempered
Strong in her love, I’ve a deed to perform
Set well our sails in the wake of the pirates
They are the shadow, but I am the storm! 

              I heed not the warnings of rain and of thunder
              I heed not the darkness, I will not despair!
              I heed not the tides that would tear us asunder
              For her, I dare!

We put to the ocean in the swiftest of vessels
To sail on the Mediterranean Sea
But too light our ships for the winds of the gale
And the torrents of rain lashing mercilessly 

“Mercy!” I cried to the god of the ocean
And spoke of the beauty my lady possessed,
How like the god’s own graceful daughters she seemed,
And I offered my faith for his aid in my quest. 

Thunderclouds parted, the sun lit the heavens,
The sea turned to glass as we sighted our prey
With the winds now behind us, we measured the distance
Soon their ships lay but a few leagues away! 

“Now to your weapons, my men and companions!
Now for this perfidy they shall atone!
Leave not a man of the pirate’s crew standing,
The head of its captain I claim for my own!” 

              I heed not the warnings of rain and of thunder
              I heed not the fury of bloody corsair!
              I heed not the tides that would tear us asunder
              For her, I dare! 

Bright were the banners and loud were the cheers
The morning my lady returned to my hall
And bright is the temple I caused to be raised
To the god and his power who heeded my call! 

Of love and of battle, of sorrow and grief
Of valor and favor, my tale I have told—
This wisdom you hear from the lips of a king,
That no deed done for love can be counted too bold!


              I heeded not darkness, nor rain, nor the thunder
              And any who’d doubt me, be wise, and beware!
              No force under heaven shall tear us asunder
              For her, I dared!    For her, I dared! 

Words by Samantha Moore and Lisa Theriot
Music by Samantha Moore
© 2008, Raven Boy Music, ASCAP


Argent and Azure | Back to Top

   Am            G              Am

I stand amid argent and azure

       Am             G               Em           Am

The sea and the sky parted soft by the foam

      Am                G                Em

Yet sorrow’s companion, this pleasure

       Am                G                 Em             Am

For day breaks and I must take leave of my home

              Dm                            G               Am

Though great is the love that I bear for this land

        Dm                                    E

And parting brings heartache full sore

      Am        G                F            E

My will it is hardened by duty’s demand

   Am          G                     F            Am

Proudly I’ll heed the drums calling to war.


I dwell in Atlantia’s splendor
And great is her wealth both in grace and in might
Her Queen crowned with beauty and honor
Her King ever bold in defense of the right
Be he squire or knight, be he peasant or peer
Humility’s servant he stands
An able companion, a brave volunteer,
When maiden or mistress his service commands. 

If chivalry shines before valor
If courtesy stands as the purest acclaim
If the standard of goodness is honor
Then first among peers is Atlantia’s name
So clad in our mail, to our weapons we cling
In treaty and friendship full sworn
For love and for duty we follow our King
In aid of our allies we march on the morn.

I stand amid argent and azure
With brothers in arms, for the battle arrayed
The might of our forces to measure
And answer our kinsmen who’ve called for our aid
And though I must march with my back to the sea,
My gaze turned away from the tide,
I carry Atlantia’s colors with me,
Her banners proclaiming our kingdom, our pride.

Stand amid argent and azure…

Words by Samantha Moore and Lisa Theriot
Music by Samantha Moore
© 2008, Raven Boy Music, ASCAP

Atlantian Steel | Back to Top

Our might has been questioned by enemy blades
And so we now stand here together
Off in the distance our foemen await
As we don our mail and our leather
Soon shall the field of this dark battle quake
And we then take arms in the fray
Soon shall our blades taste the blood of our foes
But first, heed the words I would say 

Keep both your arm and your mind ever steady,
Sharp as Atlantian steel.
Show them your arrows and blades.  At the ready!
Show them your courage is real.
And as they lay dying, food for the Crows,
Let them die fearing Atlantian blows! 

Hold or Advance, but never retreat
Show them the meaning of battle
Heed not the voice that would herald defeat
Drive them before you like cattle
And let them drink deep from the chalice of death
And let the draught flow bitter black
For any who challenge the rule of our King,
Let us vow they shall never march back!   CH 

A word to the foe with the wisdom to hear
Turn vessels of war from our homeland
Be greeted as allies, be welcomed as friends
But tempt not the ire of our strong hand!
For if in your arrogance you would unfurl
A standard of challenge on high,
We'll send it back bloody, for no blackguard’s flag
Shall darken Atlantia’s sky!   CH 

Words by Samantha Moore and Lisa Theriot
Music by Samantha Moore
© 2008, Raven Boy Music, ASCAP

Who Serves the Soldiers | Back to Top

 Em                             D

Early one morn to the market I walked

     C            D              B

A bonnet to buy for my hair

    Em                                  D

I passed a bold wastrel who called for a coin

      C             D                B

Of two I had, one I could spare

     Em                     D               Em

A charity thusly supplied was no sin

                    D                             Em

Though he’d likely just waste it on wine

           Em             D              C           D

Though no longer could I my bonnet afford

     Em              D            Em

A ribbon would do just as fine.


                      Em                               D

Chorus:          Who serve the soldiers who serve all the rest?

                             C                                                     B

The few and the brave and the best of the best

      Em                        D      Em

In duty and honor and humility

            D             Em                   D               Em

They’ve all given some, and some give all for thee.


Later a soldier who’d served at the war
Took refuge with us for the night
He entertained all with his tales of the front
He gained great esteem in my sight
His quick wit defied any pain in his eyes
His words held no hint of regret
He’d sacrificed much, and he’d sacrificed more,
His one fear that we would forget.  

I offered the ribbon I’d purchased that day,
Told him my favor he’d won,
He said, “Good my lady, your kindness endures,
Of greater gifts, I have known none.
For I was the veteran who called for the coin,
And though I must leave with the dawn,
Please let your fine ribbon remind you of me,
Thus shall I ever live on.” 

He left the next morn, and too soon I learned
That he’d met his end on the field
Defending his captain, my bold soldier fell,
In honor was borne on his shield
Each morning I rise and remember his words
And all he so willingly gave
That fine yellow ribbon I braid in my hair,
And another doth lie on his grave. 

Remember the soldiers who serve all the rest
The few and the brave and the best of the best
In duty and honor and humility
They’ve all given some and some give all for thee.
Let us serve the soldiers who serve all the rest
The few and the brave and the best of the best
In duty and honor and humility
They’ve all given some and some give all for thee.
They’ve all given some and one gave all for me. 

Words and music by Samantha Moore
© 2008, Raven Boy Music, ASCAP

I Am Able | Back to Top

        Em                         D             Em                         capo III

You ask as if heartbroken why I must go

         C                  Em  Em/G  Em

And that you know not is my failing

         Em                             D                    Em

You doubt that a part of me bides with you though

               C            G                   C

With my King I am on the tide sailing.

     C               G                        Am                     E

In life there is darkness though you’ve known but light

         Am            C                 G

Each day I must fight for that fable

       Am             C                D            Am

My fealty once sworn to my king as a knight

            C                     G             Am

To my oath binds my sword if I’m able


                     Am  C      G  Am

Chorus:   And aye, I am able

                Am                                    Dm        Am

My mind it is sharp and my heart it is bold

                           Am          G

Though older my body grows

                 F                  E

Each passing season shows

                      Am                G  Am

That aye, I am still able.


You ask if my favor could better be bought
By one of more strength or more beauty
If some greater effort could better be wrought
To sway me from my sense of duty
I wish I could spare you the grief of your doubt
But wisdom and youth share no table
Though you curse a life you know nothing about
With each step I give all I am able.   CH  

You whisper your fear as by dawn I depart
I know there is much left unspoken
So heavy my burdens and heavy my heart
To think that I leave your own broken
I pray that someday you may yet understand
What duty and honor and Kingdom
Can mean for a man who has fought for this land
In defense of his home and his freedom.    CH

Words by Samantha Moore and Lisa Theriot
Music by Samantha Moore
© 2008, Raven Boy Music, ASCAP