Hart Song

Compiled for your bardic learning, see below for lyrics and applicable chords for all original compositions from the yet to be recorded collection 'Hart Song'. To re-record for commercial use, please engage Ken and Lisa Theriot via www.Ravenboymusic.com

Her True Love Came a' Courtin' | Back to Top

Her True Love Came a Courtin'

Her true love came a courting, a courting well he came
Though poor as any pauper, she loved him all the same
She loved him as the morning sun loves the early dew
He loved her as fair cupid favors well the bending yew

Her father most concerned decided wealthier she’d wed
Promised that the miller would soon share her marriage bed
So challenging the whims of fate she vowed to turn the tide
And so she took her suitors both unto the water’s side

Singing Hey Ho into the spray he goes

Hey Ho into the river she flies
Hey Ho as the wind and rain and the leaves do fall
Hey Ho true love never dies

From off her slightest finger, she pulled a silver ring
And promised he who found it first would marry her come spring
But slyly did she slip a stone into her grasp instead
And tossed it oh so cleverly into the riverbed

Then both men leapt into the spray to meet her heart’s demand
She planned to slip her silver ring into her lover’s hand
So cunningly she crafted fate toward all she could wish
And smugly watched the miller rise like some befuddled fish (Ch)

Her triumph all but in her grasp she thought she’d won the game
Her one true love had yet to rise so thrice she called his name
So suddenly her worry flared well fueled by her fears
In horror saw what she had done and many were her tears

She threw her cloak from off her back and leapt into the spray
She found herself imperiled as the river had its way
The icy current dragged her down, drowning out her cry
Just then her lover caught her hands and pulled her to the sky (Ch)

Her true love pulled her to the shore, the mud was thick and cold
He cut the corset from her breast and kissed her full and bold
The water trapped within her rose and spared her cruel death
She slipped the ring into his hand before she drew first breath

He knew the trick at once and laughed to share their secret jest
He raised the ring to show the miller he had won the test
Come spring the two were married and they lived there till this day
And all along the river side, their clever children play (Ch) (Ch)

Fireflies | Back to Top


My Soul is sickened by its weakness
His heart, cold as is the stone
I loved greater than my station
Now my tears are all that I may call my own

Fireflies dance o’er the meadow
As a crimson sun sets in the sky
Fireflies dance o’er the lilies
Let them dance upon the grave where he doth lie

His words, sweet as dripping honey
His eyes, fierce as any flame
I gave freely to my fancy
And, a fool, I witless there embraced my shame (R)

He woke too early in the morning
His eyes laughing as he rose
His words, cruel as was his beauty
And he turned to leave me unto all my woes (R)

I drew full free my lover’s dagger
And plunged it in his lying breast
Now never more shall my love wander
For none, save I, now knows where he doth rest

Fireflies dance o’er the meadow
As a bloody sun sets in the sky
Fireflies dance o’er the lilies
Let them dance upon the grave where he doth lie


Playin' for the Soul | Back to Top

Playin for the Soul

I set my hat upon the floor and me fiddle to me chin
I start a lively jig to get 'em all a dancin'
For a dancin' means a drinkin' and a drinkin' means a tippin'
Tippin' keeps my purse from growin' empty

Everyone catches their breath as I change my tune to lovin'
I sing a sad lament to get 'em all a weepin'
For a weepin' means a drinkin' and a drinkin' means a tippin'
Tippin' keeps my purse from growin' empty

Again I change my tune to songs of fightin' and of warrin'
I sing a battle durge to get 'em all a stompin'
For a stompin' means a drinkin' and a drinkin' means a tippin'
Tippen' keeps my purse from growin' empty

The hour is growin' late and the crowd is growin' thin
The barkeep wants a coin to buy a bit o' drinkin'
Another for me meal and another me bed
And sadly now I see me purse is empty

But on the morn I'll travel to the nearest town I ken
I'll start a lively jig and get 'em all a dancin'
For a dancin' means a drinkin' and a drinkin' means a tippin'
Tippen keeps my purse from growin' empty
Yes, playin' keeps my soul from growin' empty


Never a Finer Laddie | Back to Top

Never a Finer Laddie

There’s never a finer laddie than the laddie that I love
Never a finer laddie than the lad that I sing of
A ready smile, a cunning wit, a laugh that’s easy won
Mercy me, its plain to see my heart has been undone

Now I’ve been known a rover and I’ve roamed by land and sea
From sailor unto noble knight, been sought most courtingly
And though a few a time or two it seems me did beguile
All were passing fancies till I saw my laddie smile

Now some maids covet power, a man both keen and stern
While others crave a crafty lord, the riches he can earn
But power leaves ya sighin' and no silver buys you love
And in the end a loving friend is all that I dream of

The twinkle in his eye and his roguish hand in mine
Are all I value most and will never fade with time
And when that I am old and gray and cannot rove no more
I’ll have my laughing laddie, aye, the man that I adore!

Dedicated to m’lord Fasti (B. Tyler Couch), Trimaris 

Here's to the Ladle | Back to Top 

For Bryndis

Relentless the sun as we all take our ease
And the heat finds my patience is tested
The sweat on my brow and the ache in my bones
Know the day’s deeds are nearly all bested
But a whiff of the hearth is a balm for the heart
And I offer my laughter-filled greeting
For around me I spy kin who, weary as I,
For these blessings give thanks before feasting 

Here’s to the ladle and here’s to the cup
And here’s to the bowl, never empty
For the love that you brew and for all that you do,
We give thanks unto you for this plenty

So rich we have grown from the friendship we’ve known
From the last one to rest midst our number
And so lucky the lord who has sworn her his sword
And beside such a bride takes his slumber
For the rarest of gifts one may give is one’s time
It’s a coin that can ne’er be recovered
And when all here are done her works only begun
With humility few have discovered 


The dawn meets my eyes and I wearily rise
For the day will be riddled with duty
I grumble a bit but then joyfully sit
For her toilsome work is a beauty
For a warm brimming cup is the finishing touch
On a table that’s laden and waiting
Oh I’ve said it before and I’ll sing it again
For a toast such as this bears restating 


Bridged alter melody:

Now what e’er be the task you have only to ask
For the burdens you bare are oft' daunting
Know that those who here stand will be your many hands
For you give so that none will go wanting 

Repeat: We give thanks unto you for this plenty


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