Bardic Classes

Here is a list of classes I've taught over the years; one bard's perspective. Hopefully they are helpful in your bardic endeavors. That said, we have varied perspectives, and, hopefully, you'll be teaching your own. I look forward to attending/reading that class. Hope this helps. And if you've got feedback or insight into the below, I am always looking to improve them.

Life is a journey and we learn something new every single day (if we're doing it right). 

Travel safe, my friends,


The English/Shakesperian Sonnet | Back to Top


Derives from a 16th century adaptation, deviating, as many artists did over the years, into the style (ababcdcdefefgg), though, of note, an artist named Edmund Spenser adapted this further (ababbabccdcdee).

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English and Scottish Traditional Ballads | Back to Top

English and Scottish Ballads

With deference to Lisa Theriot - M. Adelaide (Ansteora), who foundationalized my understanding of the medieval ballad. 

I’ll tell you what I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you what I told you, with a Hay Nonny Nonny No~! Come learn some English and Scottish Traditional Ballads (15/1600’s), their formula, their purpose, and even how to write one yourself! 

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Bardic 101 | Back to Top

Bardic 101

This course, Bard-ing 101, is for the bardic/musically obsessed such as myself.  Get your bardic rockstar on! We’ll discuss performance techniques, busking, holding a hall, presentation, projection, song selection, competitions, great resources for music to learn, and more.  This is a foundation for the novice, and a refresher for the veteran.  All are welcome.

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So You Think You Want to Write a Song... | Back to Top


So, you’re interested in songwriting in the SCA! Yay! Learn one bard’s formula to go from a cool catch-line or chorus to a completed song. I’ll give you some steps to help lead you in the direction of that elusive Scadian ‘hit’ every composer strives for. I’ve written many songs; many were duds, and some are sung the Knowne World over. The importance is to learn from my mistakes and take away some tricks to make your life easier, your compositional experience more enjoyable, and your endeavors ideally less frustrating. 

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Songs of the Trobairitz - Women Composers | Back to Top


Learn about the first known female composers of Western secular music in the early 12th and 13th century and how they differ from their Troubadour brethren. Beautiful, comical, and intriguing, learn some period music from Occitan. We will review the style, themes, and subject matter of the time, touching on modal music, sirventes, chansons, tensons, and more.

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How to Fake the Bodharan | Back to Top

How to Fake the Bodharan

Included are resources to set you down the good and proper path. That said, THIS class won't help you with that. What it will do is within short order get you active around a bardic.

Consider it the gateway class to your new addiction. It's easy. Want to learn how?

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