Songwriting is a creative process, and one that evovles. For a peek behind the curtain, here's a recorded session of one of many jam sessions that evolves into uber awesome inspriation:

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For Lyrics to all Harts Haven Songs, Click Below!

Iron Hart
Songs featured include For Her I Dare, Argent and Azure, Atlantian Steel, Who Serve the Soldiers, I Am Able, Captain! Oh Captain!, Song of the Shield Wall, Song of the Red War Boat, Peasant Knight, Hardrada's Bane, Belt and Chain, and Folk of the Plaid.

Songs From the White Hart
Songs featured include Another Man's War, Glory Reaped, Good Hunter, Hart's Haven, Quiet Whispers, Song of the Siren, The White Hart's Prey, Windward Wanderlust, Where Do We Get 'em and Why?, Solvay, Sorry the Day I was Married, Rare's Hill, and Banks o' the Lee.


Upcoming Collections

Steel, Thy Hart
Songs to be featured include I Add My Shield to the Wall, Stand My Side, Squire's Lament, One More Day of War, The Oath, One Knight's Journey, Allie's Call, Raise the Colors - Dragon of the Sea, Names of the Fallen, The Clink of Chain, 6 Feet Under, A King's Conscience, Still I Dream of Winter.

Hart Song
Songs to be featured include Her True Love Came a'Calling, Fireflies, Playin' for the Soul, Never a Finer Laddie, Here's to the Ladel, To Hunt the Huntsman's Daughter, Fie! The Fate, Brunhilde's Lament, The Roses that Grace the Heroes Graves, A Queen, I Am But a Servant, and Thy Love is Easy.

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