Harts Haven 

Word From Ambra
MKA: Samantha Moore

Welcome and well met!

Here you will find the musical trappings of a lifetime of bardic endeavors.  If you are in search of material to buffer your own repetoir around the fire, you're new to the path, or you are simply surfing for some on the road distraction inbound to an event, you've come to the right place. Check out our 'Songbook' for my collected works, and suggestions of fellow artists that might help to rock your next bardic circle. 

Looking to pick up a few tricks? Check out 'SCA Classes' for some bardic 101 and more. Remember, every pursuit is a journey, and mine is but one perspective - ever evolving - so take what works and leave what doesn't. Each artist is unique. 

New to Trimaris or the SCA? Art-Sci is a research competiton to apply your artestry in a medieval construct - as close to an original source as you can make it.  If you're struggling, check out my projects past to see if adapting any of it's layout works for you.  

Word Fame
Feel free to sing these songs should you feel so inspired. If you're looking to re-record something for commercial use, contact Ravenboy Music for details. Until then:

Sing Us a Song!
Do Us a Ditty!
Something Powerful, - 
Proud, and Pretty!

Goodluck! And HAVE FUN!









On The Horizon

While there has been some delay since Iron Hart, we are hard at work preparing to reap the fruits of much writing labor. Look for scratch takes for bardic dispensement soon. Contact us today to let us know if you have trouble finding the lyrics to a song you're looking to learn, and more. Sing! Play! And be Merry! May the Muse be with you...

Upcoming CDs - Tentative Song List

Steel Thy Hart
Still I Dream of Winter, I Add My Shield to the Wall, Squire's Lament, One More Day of War, Names of the Fallen, One Knight's Journey, Allie's Call, The Oath, Stand My Side, The Clink of Chain, 6 Feet Under, A King's Conscience, and Raise the Colors - The Dragon's of the Sea. 

Hart Song
Her True Love Came a'Calling, Fireflies, To Hunt the Huntsman's Daughter, Fie! The Fate, Brunhilde's Lament, Playin' for the Soul, Never a Finer Laddie, The Roses that Grace the Heroes Graves, A Queen, I Am But a Servant, Thy Love is Easy, and Here's to the Ladel.

For Other Songs Yet Added to a Collection, Click Here. 

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